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The Power of Humanity

Hello! This is a Beta site in development by the community of advocates*. If you wish to be more fully involved in it's creation and evolution please email

*advocate; noun. /ˈadvəkət/

"a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy or suggests an idea, development or way of doing something"


Looking back to 2018 when this all started it is hard to believe that at that time there was no association where impassioned advocates for better treatment for those experiencing mental ill health could meet, share ideas, and learn from each other. There was no place where those working to help people maintain good mental health could come together either. At that time it seemed to matter a great deal that we were separated by doctrine, industry, experience, background, and focus. No longer. And no longer do we need to feel we are all doing this on our own with no voice but our own. Our resources and commitment to go above and beyond to change the world around mental health are unparalleled, and keep our community growing every day. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer.

The Association of Mental Health Advocates cannot advise about individual queries or offer specific mental health support. If you are concerned about yourself or another person, please click here or find a list of helplines here at

For those with lived experience, directly or indirectly, or simply have a passion and energy to be part of a movement towards a better world, whether in work or out and regardless of skills, background or experience. You might simply want to know more, meet similar people, be a speaker, campaigner, blogger/vlogger, working, educating, or researching in this area. All are welcome if you share our values and can support our Code.

£FREE for as long as possible

Mental ill health shouldn't come with even more cost than it already does.

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