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Membership is free at the moment whilst the Association grows and evolves and hopefully forever. Mental ill health should not cost more than it already does. At the moment costs of the community, meetings, articles etc are met by the founders' other income from working with companies and any income that may come from the purchase of clothing ( or other items in the future.

The Association of Mental Health Advocates is dedicated to being a resource for members with an advocacy for maintaining good mental health and support, care, respect, and treatment for those with mental ill health. It has an ambition to be a place where you can find and trust the information provided and reach contacts who can support you that meet stringent criteria in this area; a kite mark of excellence if you will.

Whether in the workplace, the community, sport, or education, and whether leading research, working clinically, supporting people, or just supporting yourself, you are most welcome to come and have a look around.


£FREE for as long as possible.

For those with lived experience, directly or indirectly, or simply have a passion and energy to be part of a movement towards a better world, whether in work or out and regardless of skills, background or experience. You might simply want to know more, meet similar people, be a speaker, campaigner, blogger/vlogger, working, educating, or researching in this area. All are welcome if you share our values and can meet our Code.

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