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As one of the first UK associations of its kind, the Association of Mental Health Advocates has set the bar and is proud to serve a growing community of mental health advocates by providing invaluable resources, unique opportunities and access to a network of people who are committed to helping one another and the world around them.

It was born on 3 October 2018 as a LinkedIn article, written out of a need to connect with others with a shared passion in mental health regardless of background.

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"Our vision is a world in which every individual has the opportunity to live their life to the full, and where access to support, treatment, information and education about the full spectrum of mental health is available to all."

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"Our mission is to work collaboratively across all areas of society, sharing skills, knowledge, and lived experience to improve prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, acceptance and understanding of mental ill health for all."

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  1. We should all have agency over ourselves and our choices

  2. We have a responsibility for our own mental health

  3. We have a responsibility to do no harm

  4. If in a profession we must only work within our skill set and qualifications, and within any legal, moral and ethical codes for our profession

  5. We have a responsibility to safeguard members' mental health and signpost them to relevant support as necessary 

  6. We acknowledge that lived experience is valuable, but that everyone experiences mental ill health uniquely and so will never take a one size fits all approach 

  7. We respect cultural and ethnic differences, working collaboratively to support approaches to mental ill health with these communities and individuals

  8. We respect that we are not here to diagnose mental ill health, this remains the remit of medically qualified professionals

  9. We listen to everyone non-judgementally and respectfully and recognise that this is a key attribute required by members 

  10. Every member is respected as an individual 

  11. We work towards a commonly agreed vision and mission using commonly agreed language

  12. We are diverse and inclusive 

  13. We adhere to the Speaker's Charter

  14. We respect that all material shared by individuals in this group are shared in good faith, and that reproducing these for personal use will require the prior consent of the individual

  15. We agree that resources available on this site can be used by members but would ask that they are referenced to the Association of Mental Health Advocates

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