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Like all of us, I'm passionate about raising awareness of mental health in the workplace and community. I'm all about helping businesses and individuals to take small but powerful steps to make a difference. I believe we are all more courageous than we think we are.

My main offering is delivering MHFA Adult one day and two day workshops as well as my own flexible 'We all Have Mental Health Sessions' as a short session or half day workshop.

My Learning & Development background and having worked in so many settings mean I know there is no 'one size fits all'. I never push training as the answer to all problems, it's one small step that can open minds as part of an overall approach from the business ( I've also developed a short speaker session 'Mental Health in the Workplace - make it more than a tick box exercise' I always share resources and toolkits and advise best practice.

My approach - I'm both enthusiastic and a pragmatist and enjoy delivering in a down-to-earth style, particularly reaching out to those who don't traditionally enjoy being in a training room. There will always be organisations that take a tick-box approach to this topic, through the way I engage anyone with influence, I do my best to take them beyond that. I believe in empowering participants to understand the value of non-judgemental listening and supporting others to find their way though a challenging recovery journey, as well as the vital message of self-care.

I'm always looking to team up with organisations who do more of the strategy side, as I still love the training delivery element.

How I got here - I could never have imagined at this stage in my life I would be running my own business, I was a loyal employee of Eurostar for 23 years and really loved my role upskilling front line teams and managers. I have two teenage daughters, both experiencing the pressures of our 24/7 world, and for the last 4 years have been on quite a shocking journey as a parent with one of my daughters - eating disorder, self-harm, depression that wasn't diagnosed which I do believe led to an overdose and thankfully only a short stay in hospital. As they say, recovery is a journey, not a destination and I have learned you can't fix someone else's problems, but you can do your best to help them find a way through.

A thirst for learning and sharing learnings is in my blood and when I got the opportunity for redundancy (I was lucky it was a choice!), and heard about how I could upskill and raise awareness of mental health, it felt incredible.

My volunteer work has enriched my life and my professional offering.

As a volunteer facilitator and Trustee at CornerHouse, mental health charity in Woking and regularly witness and promote the value of supportive non-conversations for our wellbeing.

I'm a member of the Surrey Independent Mental Health Network that helps identify gaps, monitor services, and feedback to commisioners of NHS mental health and social care in the areas, including helping them prepare contracts and assess providers who bid for them. It enables me to hear about new initiatives or changes to local services.

I also joined the Surrey and Borders Partnership working group on Bereavement by Suicide. My love of sharing resources and connecting people with experience in this field, has enabled me to contribute to a system wide approach, where practical support and the needs of those bereaved are at the heart of decision-making.


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