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Beci Kijko
Mar 07, 2019
In Workplace
I've been thinking recently about how to best engage my colleagues about mental health. Some engagement is easy - just share my story. Others need to have the financial impact explained. Others have that lived experience and don't need any kind of explanation! But there's a further group who either deny the existence of an issue or refuse to acknowledge it because it's hard to listen to or think about (or even, it's not a "work appropriate" topic). Of course, sharing my story of recovery and supporting others to share theirs is a big part of it but there's no "fun" way to put the impact of the really bad experiences and they're a big part of creating the story, unless I've missed a trick! So how do "we" engage with those who don't want to? I'm curious about your thoughts. :)

Beci Kijko

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