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Our loved ones; whether family, friends, colleagues, or those in our communities have the power to help, hinder or harm those with mental ill health or with declining mental health, or even those who have lived through it. Those who are struggling with their mental health may well be vulnerable, have a different perspective we don’t understand, their behaviour might be different or even seem unkind, frightening or intense. A loved ones’ role is to be there for them, support them, and assist them with getting any help they might need, whilst staying calm, understanding and not neglecting their own well-being. It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable, it’s not simple, and it is potentially a long journey. Don’t judge, blame, criticise or give up on those you love or care about just because they’re going through something you might not understand. Mental Health Loved Ones; which one are you?

This campaign started on Instagram in January 2020 (#MHLovedOnes) with a number of the positive and less than supportive comments that our loved ones can and do say to us when our mental health is in decline.

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