Key resources for finding the help you need.

Holding Hands

Seeing your GP

Seeing the GP for the first time can be daunting but here are guides to how to approach it and the preparation you and your loved ones can make in advance along with some of the questions to ask and that you might be asked about your mental health:

Losing someone to suicide

Where do we go when we are impacted by suicide to get support in our grief. The Support After Suicide Partnership has produced a great deal of information, a booklet and a postcode search for what is available near you:

Where to find help

The Hub of Hope has rapidly grown into THE place to search for services local to you:

Mental Health Helplines

There are many; here are those listed by the NHS:

Tools & Templates

There are many tools that therapists and pyschologists use; this website contains numerous templates and guides that you can download.


Here are the Apps that the NHS reference although there are many others of course: The StayAlive app has also been developed in the UK to support those who are having thoughts of suicide and those who support them.