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Mar 7

Engagement but not fear


I've been thinking recently about how to best engage my colleagues about mental health.


Some engagement is easy - just share my story. Others need to have the financial impact explained. Others have that lived experience and don't need any kind of explanation!


But there's a further group who either deny the existence of an issue or refuse to acknowledge it because it's hard to listen to or think about (or even, it's not a "work appropriate" topic).


Of course, sharing my story of recovery and supporting others to share theirs is a big part of it but there's no "fun" way to put the impact of the really bad experiences and they're a big part of creating the story, unless I've missed a trick!


So how do "we" engage with those who don't want to? I'm curious about your thoughts. :)

Hi Beci, thanks for your post and your questioning of this! It’s a tough one with lots of potential solutions, none of which we can be certain of the outcome. This engagement is something I think we’re all working towards and I have lots of thoughts and ideas I’ll share for comment. I’m in meetings most of today sadly but will reply properly ASAP. It’ll be good to hear other’s thoughts too. Best wishes, Steve

Thanks Steve, I have a few ideas myself but I wanted to hear from others too.

I shall look forward to hearing more! :)