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Getting a clear view on the the care pathways available is a key priority for us.

Within the workplace where there are often a number of company paid benefits to support someone's mental health, however often these are confusing enough in themselves; where do I go first, for what, do I need a reference number, what will they ask me, is it confidential, how much support will I get, is it a call back service or will I get to talk to someone straight away, how many sessions to do I get, what happens when my sessions run out? These are just some of the questions that go through our heads.

Outside of the work environment what is available and how do I access it? 

What about care through the NHS? What about in schools for my children or our teachers? What about in the community? What is available privately should I have the funds available? What about charities and online support? What about apps; free and paid for? What about those who have ended up in the criminal justice system? What about those in secure care?

We hope to be able to pull together all this for you here and in the resources section. In the meantime check out Hub of Hope.

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